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The Farm

Having a little farm to call my own has always been my dream.  In 2005, we finally took the plunge and purchased an old rambling farmhouse on a small bit of land.

It was a 1950's ranch style that hadn't been updated since... the 50's.  But it had good bones and a good soul.  We moved in and set about making ourselves a proper homestead.

Daisy the Goat

Our little patch of bare land we've filled with chickens, dairy goats, horses, and a large garden. I've raised two home-schooled kids here, both of whom are just spreading their wings into adulthood. It's also the place I've brought baby #3 home.

It's a constantly changing, constantly growing, constantly evolving place.  The homestead has a life of its own; its a living, breathing entity that I've buried myself into.

Me with some chickens.

As a kid, I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie. I so wanted to be Laura Ingalls.

And I've turned into a jam-canning, goat-milking, bread-baking, soap-making, homeschooling mama. So, apparently, I've not outgrown this obsession. The farm is just an off-shoot of my childhood dream.

My spirit horse, Meadow (and her best gal pal, Charlotte the Mule.)
Seriously, though, isn't she the best looking horse you've ever seen?

My personal favorite place in the house, though, is my soap studio. It has a nice view of the flowering crab apple tree and is the perfect place to stir soap and dream up new skin care recipes.

If you've bought products from me, they were handcrafted in this studio. This is also the place I hold my private workshops and film the majority of the instructional videos for my online courses.

Matching pony tails.

So, all of Farm Girl Soap Co.'s products are literally made on the farm! I'm thankful every day that I have people like you supporting my small business so that I have the opportunity to live on this little farmstead.

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