I teach beginning crafters how to confidently create handmade soap & DIY skin care products.
Simple ingredients. Easy methods. Zero confusion.

Learn how to create your own luxurious DIY skin care routine, with simple all-natural ingredients.

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Class: How To Make Handmade Bath Bombs

Skip the pricey cosmetic store. Learn how to make your own bath bombs (a la Lush) for just pennies apiece. 

 "Fun course.  Angela was very well prepared and had a large assortment of materials for us to try out."
-- Christina, Hayward CA

With a few 100% natural additives, soothing herbs and fragrant oils you can make the most extravagant bath products imaginable. It's so affordable, super easy, and tons of fun!

During class you will make: 6 bath bombs

Minimum age requirements: 12+ 

Come dressed to get messy! 


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If you're a Boise local, take an in-person class with me and get hands-on instruction. Visit the Private Workshops and Parties page for more info.

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