Farm-Fresh, Simple, Effective Skin Care -- Handmade by YOU!

Class: How To Make Handmade Lotions and Creams

Come learn how to make lotions and creams in this super fun and unique class. You'll create your own luscious body lotions and rich herbal creams that are professional quality.

"I thought the course was quite interesting and fun.  
The time went by so fast!"

-- M.J., Hayward, CA

Your handmade creams will be shelf stable and rival expensive store-bought products. They're better for your skin too

During class you will make: 1 (4 oz.) body lotion and 1 (4 oz.) facial cream

Minimum age requirements: 12+

You may also be interested in my FREE online course How To Make Body Lotion. LEARN MORE AND ENROLL HERE. 

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