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DIY Oatmeal, Goat Milk, and Honey Facial Mask Recipe

This facial mask recipe is one that we make in my DIY Facial Masks and Scrubs class and it's always been a crowd-pleaser. It's great for all skin types, and gives your skin a bright, healthy glow.

The honey is self-preserving, allowing you to make this creamy mask without any need for additional preservatives. Plus, honey is just amazing for your skin. You'll love how soft your face feels after using this mask.

If you don't have powdered goat's milk, you can substitute regular powdered milk from the grocery store and still get a fabulous finished product. Try pairing this with the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap. Love!

Oatmeal, Goat Milk and Honey Facial Mask

This recipe makes about 1 ounce, or 3-4 treatments

What you'll need:
1 tablespoon powdered goat milk
1 tablespoon oats, ground into a fine powder (here's how)
2 teaspoons honey

In a small bowl, mix together all the ingredients until they're completely blended. If the consistency is too runny for your taste, add a bit more oats. If it seems too thick, add a bit more honey.

Transfer to a small container with a lid. Brownie points if the container is cute and/or repurposed. 

To use: Spread a thin layer over your face and neck. Let set 5 to 10 minutes. Work off with a damp cloth and rinse well with warm water. Finish with an application of your favorite facial moisturizer or serum (try this Pomegranate Carrot Seed Facial Serum).

Use this mask once or twice per week for soft, glowing skin. Shelf life is about 4 months.

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