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DIY Green Beauty for Beginners: 7 Easy All-Natural Recipes You Can Make Right Now
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All-Natural Body Wash Recipe - Lavender Rose

I think handmade soap is the Absolute. Greatest. Thing. Ever. But I know that you may not be a bar soap type of person.

And that's OK. Handcrafted body wash is awesome too. And, with this easy peasy recipe, it's also much simpler to make than handcrafted soap.

This recipe uses simple ingredients to make a 100% natural body wash. Because there are no added thickening agents, it's thinner than typical store-body gels. I recommend using a natural sponge or nylon pouf to get a nice, fluffy lather.

But wait until you see how nicely it conditions the skin -- it's cleansing but not overly drying. And the scent... heavenly!

RECIPE: Lavender Rose All-Natural Body Wash

This recipe makes approximately 16 oz. of body wash. This wash is very concentrated, so don't use undiluted. Apply a bit to a washcloth, sponge, or shower pouf and work into a lather. Store in a plastic bottle with a pump top for easiest use.

Here's what you'll need:

1 1/4 cups lavender liquid Castile soap 
1/2 cup rosewater
2 tablespoons grapeseed oil (you can leave this out if you have very oily skin)
20 drops rose geranium essential oil

You won't believe how easy this one is to make: just pour all of the ingredients into a bottle and shake.

Since this body wash is completely natural and doesn't contain any emulsifiers, the oils will separate out. So, right before you use it give it another quick shake to incorporate the oils back into the wash.

This wash has a shelf-life of about 4 months. If you find you don't go through it that fast, next time half the recipe.

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