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Peppermint Stick Hand & Foot Scrub Recipe

Need a quick last minute gift? This hand and foot scrub is perfect for anyone on your list--hostess gift, your sis, or your kid's teacher. You can literally whip it up and package in under 10 minutes. It's so easy your kids can do it too (a handmade gift from grandkids to grandma!)

It's ultra cute and smells just like the holidays. And kiss dry wintertime hands and feet goodbye. This scrub removes dry skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

The best part is.... You can get everything you need for this recipe at the grocery store!

(Although you may need to hit the health food store for peppermint essential oil if you don't have any.)

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This DIY peppermint foot scrub recipe is easy to make, smells great, and is cute enough to give as a DIY gift for  friends. But, even better, this homemade foot scrub works amazingly well for cracked heels and dry skin. You can use it as a hand scrub too. Click the link and pop over to the farm to get the easy foot scrub recipe tutorial.  Don't forget to save the pin, too!  #farmgirlsoapco #footscrubdiy #footscrubhomemade #footscrubforcrackedheels #footscrubrecipe #footscrubpeppermintNeed a last minute DIY gift for Christmas? This Peppermint Stick DIY body scrub recipe is so easy, and you can get everything you need at the grocery store.   Whip up a batch in just minutes, and the results are super cute, festive, and fragrant (i.e. your friends will be so impressed with your DIY body scrub gift!)  Click the link to pop on over to the farm, and let me show you how to make them.  #farmgirlsoapco #diygiftsforchristmas #diybodyscrubsforgifts

RECIPE: Peppermint Stick Hand and Foot Scrub

This recipe makes enough for approximately 8 oz. scrub, but you can easily double or triple it to make several scrubs at once. Package in a half-pint mason jar with a ribbon or in these cute little apothecary jars I'm currently obsessed with.

1 cup granulated white sugar
3 tablespoons fine grain sea salt
1/2 cup sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, or canola oil
30 drops peppermint essential oil
Red food coloring or liquid soap colorant

STEP 1: Measure out your sugar and salt into a bowl.

STEP 2: Drizzle in the oil and give it a good stir, making sure the oil is completely mixed.

You'll leave this scrub a bit on the dry side to make sure you get nice layers and not a candy cane-esque soup.

STEP 3: Drop by drop, mix in the peppermint essential oil. Again, stir super well.

STEP 4: Divide your scrub mixture in half. It's OK to just eyeball it.

To one bowl, add 6 to 8 drops of red colorant. Stir until the colorant is completely incorporated.

You shouldn't see any dark streaks of colorant in your scrub. It's easiest to use a small silicon spatula and trade off between stirring, and pressing and dragging through the mix.

NOTE: You won't be able to get a really deep red color because you're competing against the white of the sugar and salt. But you can add a few more drops if you'd like to darken it a bit. Just don't add any more than about 10 to 12 drops of colorant or your scrub may stain the skin while you're using it. (Your recipient would not take kindly to bright red hands and feet!)

STEP 5:  Begin to layer the red and white mixture in your jar.

Place a few tablespoons in your jar and pack down with your spatula (or your fingers because, hey, it's easier). Concentrate on packing the edges into a nice clean line.

Continue alternating colors, layering and packing, until you reach the top of your jar.

STEP 6: Affix a lid, tie on ribbon or twine, and label. Your scrub is ready to gift or use.

TO USE: Scoop out a small portion and massage it over the hands or feet. Rinse well with warm water.

SHELF LIFE: About 8 to 12 months, provided you keep the scrub dry. No dipping in damp hands, and don't store it in the shower.

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