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Help Support Handcrafted Soap & Skin Care Businesses

I know all of you love handcrafted soaps, skin care, bath and body products. That's why I'm asking for you to help me, and all small handcrafted soap and skin care businesses.
There is federal legislation being proposed right now in Congress that will completely change the way handcrafted cosmetic entrepreneurs run their businesses. In the Senate, the Personal Care Products Safety Act, and in the House a discussion draft on Cosmetic Regulation Reform.

These companion bills have some good elements that I support -- including requiring the FDA to proactively study many of the chemicals commonly used in skin care products, and gives them the right to deem certain ingredients unsafe for use.

But there are also elements of the bills that are deeply concerning to me as a handcrafted skin care artisan.
If passed, this legislation would require lots of cumbersome paperwork and expensive registration fees. Larger corporations could absorb this extra work and cost; I, and the thousands of cosmetic handcrafters in the U.S., can’t.

What's more, small handcrafters would pay more in fees, proportionately, than big businesses. While small artisan soap and skin care businesses make up less than 1% of the market, we would be paying 8% of the fees.

What's most concerning to me, and what would be the biggest hurdle for me personally to overcome in my business, is requirement to report all ingredients to the FDA for each batch made. 

I pride myself in giving you the freshest possible products, and nearly every product (with the exception of soap – it needs a 30 day cure) is made fresh to order. So, when you order a lotion, lip balm, and bath soak, I make those in small batches just for you. 

This new legislation would then require me to fill out paperwork and register that single bottle of custom lotion, plus another for that one tube of lip balm, and a third for the bath soak. Doing this for each customer, and each order, would amount to dozens of filings per month. 

You can see how this would quickly become cumbersome, and expensive. Prohibitively so for a small handcrafter like myself. I fear this legislation will drive all of us “little guys” out of the market. 

There are exemptions for small businesses, however the exemption limit is much too low and will make it nearly impossible for the small business owner to make a living wage. If this bill passes as written, I may be forced to stop selling my handcrafted products to you. And I would hate that!

If you like having the choice to buy handcrafted soap and skin care products rather than mass-produced products, I’m asking for your help. 

Write letters to your Congressmen.  
Please write letters to your Representatives and Senators, asking them to consider stronger exemptions for small businesses in all cosmetic reform legislation, specifically raising the gross income exemption levels and ensuring that all required paperwork be simple for small business owners to complete.

If you need a jumping off point, I've a template you can use to send to your Congressmen here.

Feel free to add to this template, or just copy and paste. Make sure to add your info.

The Coalition of Handcrafted Entrepreneurs has a handy page where you can look up your Representatives and get their contact info. Find it here.

Since the bill in the House is still in draft, this is the perfect time to let your voice be heard!

Share this info and ask others to write their Congressmen as well.  
Once you’ve done that, please pass this information along to others. Share on your social media accounts, by email, word-of-mouth, any way you can get this info out. And ask your friends to write their Congressmen too. 

Thank you so much, all of my customers, clients, and students! I appreciate all the support you’ve given me throughout the years. I love serving and teaching you, and hope to continue to do so for many years to come!