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4 Tips for a Greener Beauty Routine

Happy Earth Day!  To celebrate, I've compiled a few super easy ways to "go green" with your skin and hair careYou don't have to go completely crunchy to be more eco-friendly.  Here are a four tips that anyone can incorporate into a greener beauty routine.

1.  Buy refills whenever you can.

Think of all the plastic you'll save from going into landfills!  Of course, you've seen hand soap refills.  But did you know you can buy gallon-sized shampoo and conditioner at the beauty supply store?  Ounce-per-ounce, it's cheaper than smaller bottles (and they have plenty of your fav salon brands, too.)  Just use that to refill the smaller bottles in your shower.

2.  Use foaming soap bottles for hand washes, shampoos, body wash, etc.

You know those cool foaming hand soap bottles that dispense just the right amount of lathered product into your hands?  You can use those for everything, not just hand soap.  Simply add about 1/2 inch of product into the foaming container and fill the rest with water.  Give it a shake to mix the product and it's ready to use.

Do this with your soap, shampoos, body washes.  You'll save a ton of money because your products will last a whole lot longer, and less plastic will find its way into the landfill.

You'll even find your hair will be healthier -- shampoo is very harsh and putting it directly on the hair strips it.  When it's diluted down it's way healthier for your hair!

3.  Use bar soap.

Shower gels are fun, but again think about all those plastic bottles.  Bar soap doesn't need any packaging (besides the box, which is compostable).  And many handmade soaps are sold naked -- no packaging at all! 

Bar soap doesn't have to be harsh or drying on your skin. I prefer handmade soap (and not just because I'm a soap maker.) Handmade soap is made from natural oils, like coconut and olive, so it's very gentle and moisturizing. OTC bars (basically anything you'll find off the shelf at a big box store) aren't really soap at all, because they're made with detergents. That's why they're so drying to the skin.

Most handmade soap is gentle enough for sensitive skin types, and can be used on the face too.

4.  Make your own skin care products. 

This is the ultimate in green skin care!  Don't let this option overwhelm you, you don't have to do it all.  Start off with one product that you're interested in making or that's super simple.

Handmade masks are typically quick and easy to make.  So are sugar scrubs for the body, and salt scrubs for the feet.  If it really interests you, you can branch out from there and try your hand at soap, lotion, and mineral makeup.

If this really piques your interested, I'd love to have you join me for a DIY skin care class or two!  Visit my Upcoming Classes page to see what's coming up next.

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