I teach beginning crafters how to confidently create handmade soap & DIY skin care products.
Simple ingredients. Easy methods. Zero confusion.

Find out for yourself how easy it can be.
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Upcoming Class: Handmade Skin Care for Baby, Modesto, CA

Join me this weekend and learn how to make skin care products for your newborn through preschooler.  We're making tiny-tot-friendly soap, bath soak, butt balm and more.

All products are natural, gentle, and perfect for tender skin.  You'll never have to use chemical-filled skin care products on your little one again.

Ready to join me, Mama?  We're meeting at Modesto Junior College this Saturday.  Here's the link for more info and how to register:


Handmade Skin Care for Baby

Can't join me this weekend?  Consider hosting a private workshop for you and your mommy friends!

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