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It's Hoof Trim Day!

It's the first of the month -- that means hoof trimming time.

Goat's need their hooves trimmed every 4-6 weeks or so.  Their hooves are like our fingernails, they can get long and overgrown if they don't get regular manicures. 

Clover, waiting patiently for me to put down the camera and trim her hooves.
It doesn't hurt them.  Some of my goats care for it less than others (kind of like little kids not wanting to brush their teeth.)  But it's important for their health.

Clover is my most patient trimee, so I used her as a model.  She's all hooked into the stand.  That doesn't hurt them either, just holds them in place so they don't walk away while I'm mid-trim.  This is also where they come to get milked.

All of my goats actually run and put themselves onto the stand, because they know there will be tasty treats waiting for them.  If I don't want them on the stand, I have to keep the door to the milk shed closed.  Otherwise they'll just stand there and won't leave until they get their treats.

All done!  Clover's feeling pretty snazzy with her new toes!

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