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Love Your Handcrafted Skin Care Products? We Need Your Help!

Those of us who make and sell handcrafted skin care products have been keeping a close watch on this one.  Introduced by Senator Diane Feinstein, S. 1014 has the potential to devastate the handcrafted skin care and cosmetics industry.

The premise of the bill is good -- it's the execution that is lacking.  If passed, it would essentially bury small handcrafted cosmetic businesses under mounds of paperwork and require exorbitant fees. 

There are over 300,000 handcrafted skin care businesses throughout the USA, and most of them are women owned (like mine!)  S. 1014 doesn't go far enough in protecting the small soap and cosmetics crafter.

As a handmade cosmetic crafter, I take pride in offering the high quality products to my customers. I personally make every batch, know exactly what goes into each and every product, and extensively research all ingredients.

I love making handcrafted cosmetics for you, and I know you love having a choice as to the type of skin care products you use.  If you want to continue to use artisanal soaps, handcrafted lotions, scrubs, bath soaks, lip balms, and more, we all could use your help!

Consider writing a letter to your representative, asking them to oppose S 1014. Thanks so much for standing with me a supporting the handcrafted cosmetics industry!

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