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All Natural Sunburn Soothing Gel

We're on the cusp of Memorial Day weekend.  Summer!  Vacations!  Sunburns!

No matter how careful I am, somebody always gets a sunburn this time of year.  Early summer skin is just so sensitive to the sun!  And we spend a lot of time outdoors.

I really like this gel because it helps take the sting out of sunburn.  This punched-up aloe gel soothes the burn and also helps to speed healing.

You can also use it on all sorts of summer-skin irritations: bug bites, heat rashes and, of course, sunburn.  

You can buy zinc oxide powder from online herbal suppliers (I like From Nature with Love.)  Or, in a pinch, you can substitute the powder with zinc oxide cream like Desitin or Bordeaux's Butt Paste.  Just be aware it will change the consistency of your gel a bit, and those diaper rash creams do have a unique scent to them. 

Aloe and Zinc Sunburn Soothing Gel
1/2 cup aloe vera gel
1 teaspoon zinc oxide
2 drops lavender essential oil

In a small bowl, mix aloe vera and zinc oxide powder until well incorporated.  Add in lavender essential oil (fight the temptation to add more -- this is just enough to give therapeutic qualities to the gel without irritating the skin.)

To use, gently apply a small amount to needed areas.  Don't wash off.

Store in a small container with a lid.  This gel has a shelf life of about 4 weeks.  To make it feel even better, store in the refrigerator.  The cool gel feels so nice on sunburned skin!

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