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Sugared Coconut Body Scrub

I love, love, love sugar scrubs.  They're super easy to make and feel great on the skin.  The best part is -- they're super inexpensive.  Who says you have to pay premium for fabulous skin care?

This Sugared Coconut sugar scrub makes a decadent body treatment.  It has a long shelf-life (about 4 months) as long as you're not getting water into your jar.

Sugared Coconut Body Scrub
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup sweet almond oil
Optional: 1/2 teaspoon coconut fragrance oil (skin-safe only, please)

In a small bowl, gently heat the coconut oil until it's melted.  Let cool a bit, and then tir in the sweet almond oil and sugar.  Add in the fragrance oil now, if desired.  Mix until blended very well.

Let set for 24 hours to set up.  If the scrub is too stiff for you, feel free to add more sweet almond oil.  Too oily?  Add more sugar until you get the consistency you want.   

Store your scrub in a jar with a lid.  To use, take several tablespoons of scrub and massage it over the entire body while in the shower.  Rinse well.

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