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Happy Aniversary!

Nine years ago today we moved into our little homestead.  Back when we first moved in, it was nothing more than a small plot of land with an old house set on it.  The back of the property was filled with stinging nettles (which we only discovered after the kids ran through them all).  The only thing on it other than the nettles was an ancient rosemary bush among the weeds, and an old pecan tree which we thought was dead.

Looking back, it's pretty amazing all that we've accomplished here.

Now that we've passed the nine year mark, I can say that both my kids have spent more than half of their lives in this house.  This is the longest I've lived in one place in my entire life.  (My parents must have some gypsy blood in them.)

Being here, it's been a good thing.  I wonder where we'll be in another nine years?

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