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Great Herbal Remedies Chart

Herbs are great.  They're tasty.  They're easy to grow.  And many of them have therapeutic value that goes way beyond just seasoning your dinner.

Although I've been dabbling in herbal medicine for years, I'm far from an expert.  There's so much to know about medicinal herbs that you could spend a lifetime studying and still gain only a fraction of knowledge about these amazing plants.

I've plenty of herbal medicine books on my shelf (my favorite by far is Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs).  But there is just so much info that I often find myself a bit overwhelmed.

So when I came across this herbal remedies chart from Mother Earth News, I was excited.  It's super, super simple.  Just look up the ailment, and it lists a few herbs to try.

It doesn't give any usage instructions or info about the herbs, but it's simple enough to research them on your own.  I like that it gives me a starting off point.

And while we're on the subject of using herbs therapeutically, here's another tip that I can give you if you're just starting into the forays of herbal medicine.  Because there is so much information out there and it's easy to get overwhelmed, I like to pick just one herb (or ailment) to study at a time.

For example, when we first moved to this place we found an ancient, uncared for rosemary bush growing in the middle of the property, surrounded by nothing but weeds.  I spent several months learning about rosemary: how to grow it and how to use it medicinally.  It definitely helps narrow the focus a bit.

You could also study one ailment, like diabetes, and learn all about the herbs that can be used to improve this condition.

With spring coming up, I encourage you to buy yourself one herb plant at your local nursery, learn how to care for it, how to cook with it, and how to use it medicinally.  Then, let me know what you've learned!   

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