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Farmstead Goals for 2014

One thing I've learned in the eight years we've lived on our little slice of land -- there is always something that needs to be fixed, finished, or fed.  I look back at my naive-newbie-farm-girl self and laugh.  I thought that once we had moved onto the place and did a few things to make it more like "home" we would be done.

Now I know that on a homestead, you're never done!  Ever!  Even if I worked 20 hour days and lived to be 110 I'd never be done.

And that was a hard, hard lesson for me to learn.  I am, by nature, a doer.  I'm happiest having a project and seeing it to completion.  I thought that I would easily embrace the never-ending project that is our homestead.

But I didn't realize how important the completion aspect was to me.  I like my projects to have a beginning, middle, and end.  The homestead turned out to be one big Middle with no End in sight.  I'm learning that the destination isn't the end goal, and to find contentment in the journey instead.

There's always something that needs doing around here.  The homestead has a never ending to-do list.  Cross one item off the list and three more pop up to take its place.  I used to be under constant stress because I felt like there was no way to keep up. 

I've found that keeping a list of yearly goals assures me that progress is being made.  If those things get crossed off the list, I'm content.  It gives me the completion that I need, and helps keep me on track.  I definitely need a goal to work toward, otherwise I'm liable to get sidetracked by other fun and "shiny" projects!

So, here's what I hope to accomplish this year!

Our farmstead goals for 2014:

1.  Add another milking doe to our herd.

2.  Plant blackberries and raspberries in the garden (and keep them alive this time!)

3.  Transplant a volunteer almond tree that came up by the back fence line into our "orchard".

4.  Transplant two volunteer pine trees from the front yard into the horse paddock, to give them more shade options during the hot Central Valley summers.

5.  Build a simple green house for starting veggies from seed, and possibly extending the growing season of warm weather veggies.

6.  Finally name the farm.  (This has been my challenge for quite a while.  Read all about my dilemma here.) 

It's not an extensive list by any means, but it's a good start and manageable.  What are your goals for 2014?     

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