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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

We've had a cold snap the last two weeks... and it's been COLD!

Of course, I realize this is all relative.  It's not Chicago cold, it's not Denver cold.  But for us here in the typically sunny San Joaquin Valley of California, it's downright frigid.

We've had highs in the 40s and overnight lows in the 20s.  That means special treatment for all of our outdoor creatures.

The horses stay warm and toasty in their blankets (and look purty durn cute in their clothes, too)...

Thunder and Charlotte the Mule, doing their best not to pose for the picture.

Thunder and Meadow, playing kissy-face.  Charlotte, feeling betrayed, stalks away in the background.

The goats get extra straw in their houses to keep them cozy...

The electric blue goat house, sans goats.  Goats do the opposite of what you want, so of course they trotted away as soon as I pulled out the camera. 

And the chickens get their entire house wrapped in canvas to keep the cold air out and their little birdy body heat trapped in.

Hubby built this deluxe chicken coop.  It's 12'X12' and with taller ceilings than my house.  No wonder I love this guy!

The more frost sensitive plants are covered with old tarps or canvas, or brought under cover of the front porch.  The last of the more stalwart summer veggies have finally succumbed.

The kids and I stayed out well past dark, picking all the tomatillos off the bushes, before the freeze hit.  I've been making soups and salsas out of the over 40 pounds we picked.

The lettuce is a goner.  That's OK, though, because it was going to bolt anyway.

Frozen lettuce is actually very pretty!

I've spent the last two weeks breaking thick layers of ice from the animals' water buckets.

Frozen water buckets are not pretty at all!

The cold spell has finally broke.  We didn't freeze last night and the days are sunny and relatively warm.  I am so thankful for that sunshine!   

We've, of course, had cold spells like this before but they're always few and far between.  I always come away with such respect for everyone in colder parts of the world who deal with temperatures like this (and colder) as a matter of course.  And probably without all the whining and complaining that I dished out!

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