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A Stuck Buck

We went out to feed this morning and found this...

That is Rocky, our Nigerian dwarf buck, with his head stuck through the wire fence.  And he was stuck good.

It's breeding season, and I'm sure he was just trying to get a closer view of the girls by sticking his head through the fence (something he's never done before and after this encounter I hope he learned his lesson and won't ever try again.)

He apparently squeezed his head through the opening in the wire and, with his ears and his scurs (little tiny horns) couldn't get back through.

I couldn't get him back through by myself either.  Luckily, the kids are on home-study this week for the Thanksgiving holiday.  So I called to them to come help out.

Rocky was very good-natured about the whole experience.  He waited patiently while we figured out what to do.  

We first tried bending the wires to give him a bit more room.  Then, Jonathan pulled the wires open while I pushed his head back through.  Which was much harder than it sounds because he's a goat.  When you push on them, they tend to push back. 

Plus, Rocky loves to have his head pet.  He thought I was giving him a really good head rubbing, so he suddenly wasn't interested in pulling his head back through.

At this point I had to put the camera down so I could, as gently as possible, manhandle him back through the opening.  I guided his hairy head, ears, scurs, and finally his long beard back through the fence, and suddenly he was free.

Time to celebrate!  Although Rocky's celebration was nearly over by the time I got my camera going again, I was able to get the remnants of his freedom dance. 

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