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I've come to accept the fact that I live in the windiest place on earth.  Although the Diablo Mountain Range is just to the west, the rest of the land surrounding us is flat, flat, flat, for miles and miles and miles.  Every spring and fall the wind whips across the area.

We've had branches come down in the wind many times before, but it was still a surprise when we came home and found this bad boy in the goat's yard:

Is that Hazel I see in there?

I'm coming, Mom!

Luckily, no fences were taken down when the branch fell.  Neither were any goats.

Jonathan was able to cut the larger pieces up with a chainsaw (his first time using one, he also managed to keep his fingers and toes all where they belong.)

Kaylin and I stacked the larger logs to season for a year.  We'll use them for firewood come next winter.

The rest of the smaller branches were stacked in both the does' yard and the buck yard.  They loved munching on the pecan leaves.

Don't you think?

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