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Quick Anti-Aging Tip for Your Hands

I always believed I would be the type of woman who aged gracefully, without any fuss.  (Of course, I was 25 when I thought this, so what the heck did I know?)  Turns out, I'm the type of woman who goes kicking and screaming.

So, yes, I use anti-aging treatments religiously.  Some of my favorites are evening primrose oil, grapeseed oil, and an all-natural facial serum I got from Essential Wholesale that I absolutely love (it's called Supreme Facial Serum if you're interested in checking it out.)

Of course, I've always focused my anti-aging treatments on my face and neck.  But I've noticed my hands are aging too!  So, I've decided to give my hands a little love and attention.        

Every night, I apply my serum or oil to my face and neck.  Then, I save a little bit and massage it into my hands.  After just a few months I've noticed a big difference.  My hands are much softer and just look nicer, even though I'm pretty rough on them.

I love it because a.) I don't need an extra treatment specifically for the hands, and b.) it's super quick and easy to just rub in the leftovers into my hands so it doesn't take up any extra time.

I don't bother to do this in the morning, though, because any good stuff I apply will just be washed off when I do dishes, etc.  But at night it has hours to just set and do its thing.

It's my new favorite skin care tip!

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