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Fall is my favorite time of year.  And it just doesn't feel like fall until we go apple picking.  So, that's what we were doing this past weekend. 

Our favorite place to go is Bolster's Hilltop Ranch, a lovely u-pick apple farm that's in Apple Hill.  They supply you with bags and apple pickers. 

Then, you can either go up the hill behind the barn to the Golden Delicious and Winesaps, or down the hill and across the road to the Granny Smiths, Fujis, and Arkansas Blacks.

While the kids were busy picking the biggest, yummiest looking apples off of the trees, I was busy embarrassing my family by picking apples from the ground.  I hate the thought of wasting food, and there were so many fallen apples that were still perfectly good.

We were also stalked by the biggest cat I have ever seen.  You can't tell his size by the pictures, but he was huge.  I seriously wonder if he had bobcat in his family tree somewhere.  He was friendly, though, and followed us around the orchard, apparently supervising.

He also showed us where the best apples were hidden.

In the span of a couple hours, we picked sixty pounds of apples.  Sixty pounds!

I can't wait to get canning applesauce!   

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