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It's International Homesteading Education Month

September is International Homesteading Education Month!  I'm going to use this as an excuse to learn a new homesteading skill this month.  Won't you join me? 

Mother Earth News (who is the host of Homesteading Education Month) has a list of educational events happening all over the country.  I've found a few classes I'd love to attend.  Check them out here: International Homesteading Education Month.

If you can't find an event scheduled near you, don't worry.  Consider taking a community education class through your local community college or parks and recreation district.  Homesteading skills classes are super hot right now!  You'll probably be able to find classes on how to make cheese, wine or soap, how to grow a veggie garden, how to knit... there are endless possibilities.

I love community education classes!  It's always so exciting and rewarding to learn something new from an instructor who has passion for their subject.  And the hands-on aspect is fabulous.

Of course, you don't need to attend a class to learn something new.  As an avid homeschooling family, we're big on self-education.  One of my favorite places is the library.  So many of the homesteading skills I've acquired over the years have been learned through books I've found on the shelves of our little city library.

I encourage you to think of a new skill you'd like to learn this month.  It could be anything -- from sewing a quilt to making homemade root beer to simply cooking from scratch.  Then do it!

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