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A Very Good Morning

Our horses are very rarely, if ever, sick.  So we all were immediately worried when we went out for the evening feed to find Dancer standing way off by herself.  The horses always meet us at the gate when it's feeding time, so when the pony didn't join the evening-meet-and-greet gang, it was obvious that something was wrong.

(Why, oh why, do the animals always get sick at 8:00 pm on a Sunday?  Is this some kind of cosmic law?)

Kaylin led Dancer to her stall and we did a quick once-over to try to figure what was wrong.  She had no wounds, no fever, and nothing glaringly amiss.  She just seemed kind of blah.  She nibbled at her hay, but didn't devour it like normal.

After watching her for quite a long time, we decided to let her be for the night.  Kaylin and I suspected mild colic.  It's fairly common during extreme weather changes like we've been having lately.  Plus, just three days prior we had brought home a new load of hay.  We figured the combination was enough to give Dancer an upset tummy.

Colic can be very dangerous, and is actually the leading cause of untimely death for horses.  I definitely wasn't taking this lightly.

But after watching her demeanor for a long while, we decided that having the vet drive an hour out to our place, in the dark, on a Sunday, was unnecessary.  We'd leave her in the stall, check on her several times, and see where we stood in the morning.

Apparently we were due for a little good luck around here.  Before we had even entered the yard, Dancer heard us in the tack room loading up flakes of hay for breakfast and started whinnying for us to hurry.  Breakfast is her favorite meal.

She seems to be feeling good and back to her normal pony self today.  We decided to give her a day or two off from riding, just to make sure she's really doing great, but so far it seems like she just had a transient bellyache that took care of itself.

Seeing this happy face sure made for a good morning!


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