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5 Ways to Use Cocoa Butter On Your Skin

My first experience with cocoa butter was when I was about five years old.  My Grandmother had a bottle of Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion and gave me a small dab to rub into my hands.  The scent was intoxicating to me.

I've graduated from store-bought cocoa butter creams, that are typically short on cocoa butter, to the real stuff.  And let me tell you, the real stuff is heavenly.

Pure, unrefined cocoa butter is creamy beige in color.  It's solid at room temperature, so while those cocoa butter lotions may include real cocoa butter, they aren't 100% cocoa butter.  But 100% pure unrefined cocoa butter is easy to find at most health food stores.  It's super inexpensive too -- less than two dollars for a one ounce stick.  

Cocoa butter is a great moisturizer.  It helps soften and smooth the skin.  I've found that when I use cocoa butter regularly, my skin not only feels better but looks super healthy too. 

Beyond all that, it smells just like chocolate.  Chocolate that you can rub all over your skin!  What's not to love about that?

Here are five easy ways to incorporate cocoa butter into your skin care routine:
  1. Body butter.  Pure cocoa butter has a melting point of 98 degrees (body temperature!)  This makes it super easy to use as is -- rub pure cocoa butter over your skin until it melts, then massage it in.
  2. Lip balm.  You can use that same stick as a lip balm too.  Cocoa butter on the lips is to die for!  I think it's superior to Chapstick because it feels so creamy smooth.  And, yes, it does taste like chocolate.  Cocoa butter is completely edible, and is used in many everyday foods (like chocolate).  So it's super safe for your lips.
  3. Cuticle cream.  Between the garden, stacking hay, brushing horses, and general country life, my hands take a beating.  But after just a few days of rubbing cocoa butter into my ragged cuticles they look good as new.
  4. Solid perfume bar.  Cocoa butter makes a super decadent base for a 100% natural perfume bar.  Heat 1/4 ounce cocoa butter until just melted (you don't want it too hot).  Add 6 to 10 drops essential oils of your choice.  Remember, the chocolate scent of the cocoa butter will come through too.  Some delicious choices are peppermint essential oil (for chocolate mint perfume) or sweet orange essential oil (for chocolate orange perfume).  But don't be afraid to experiment with some outside the box scents.  I've used sage, patchouli, and lavender and they all smelled fabulous.  Once you've added the essential oil, pour the mixture into a lip balm tube.  Let set until solid.  To use, rub the stick over your neck, behind the ears, or on the wrists for an subtle, all-natural scent.  
  5. Bath melt.  What is a bath melt, you ask?  It's basically solid bath oil.  Drop a 1/4 ounce bit of cocoa butter into the tub and soak for at least 20 minutes.  Your skin will be so smooth.
There are countless other ways to use cocoa butter in your skin care routine, but these five will get you started if you've never had the opportunity to use pure cocoa butter before.

I don't recommend using cocoa butter on the face.  It's slightly comedogenic (which means it can clog your pores).

Also, there's one glaring omission here -- nothing about stretch marks!  That's because cocoa butter won't do anything for existing stretch marks (I'm sorry, I hate being the bearer of bad news.)  And the jury is still out on whether cocoa butter can prevent stretch marks.  So, if you're pregnant I'd say why not?  It won't hurt and may help.  

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