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Jail Break!

Hazel has been incarcerated for over a week now.  She's not happy about it.

Giving Mom the stink eye.

In fact, five days post-surgery, she seemed to be getting a bit depressed.  So, we let her out on bond.   Her best bud Lilly flew the coop with her.
She's free!  And sticking her tongue out at me.

It was just what she needed!

We took it slow, letting her amble around the yard.  She nibbled weeds and stretched her legs.

I've been a bit worried about her, because her appetite just isn't where I would like it to be.  But the daily walks seem to be helping.  She gets out for fifteen minutes every morning and evening.  As she gets stronger I'll let her out for longer stretches.  For now I don't want to push it and tire her out.  

Lilly likes to come along to keep her company.  Lilly can climb up on the scrap wood pile to reach the tastiest bramble branches.  Hazel tried, but decided the safest place for now was on the ground.  

After her first walk, we did have one heck of a time getting her back into her cell... I mean, her pen.  She ran as fast as a worn out and sore goat could run.

But she's gotten better, now that she knows we'll let her back out again in a few hours.  The daily walks seemed to have improved her appetite a bit.

Only three more days, and she'll be ready to get the stitches out.

Here's hoping that her hair grows back quickly too.  Bald goats with pink skin equals sunburn! 

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