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Coffee and Cream Facial Scrub

I hate wasting that tiny little bit of coffee left in the bag.  It's far from enough to brew even one cup.

So I came up with this facial scrub that utilizes that leftover bit of coffee.  It feels super creamy on the face (thanks to the buttermilk) and it definitely leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.  My favorite thing about this scrub, though, is that it doesn't over dry the face.

The key to this scrub is making sure the coffee beans are very finely ground; larger particles will be too rough on the skin.  When in doubt, send it through a grinder, blender, or grind them with a mortar and pestle.

Coffee and Cream Facial Scrub 
1/4 cup buttermilk powder
1 tablespoon kaolin clay
1 tablespoon rice bran
1 heaping teaspoon finely ground coffee beans
1 teaspoon yellow illite clay (add a bit more if your skin is oily)
1 teaspoon baking soda (leave this one out if your skin is sensitive)

In a small bowl, combine all ingredients.  Stir until all of the ingredients are well mixed.  Store in a small container with a lid until ready to use.

To use: mix 1 teaspoon dry scrub with 1 1/2 teaspoons of water (approximately).  I usually just eyeball the measurements and mix in the palm of my hand.  You're going for a smooth, creamy paste consistency.

Massage the scrub over your skin for 30 seconds to a minute.  Rinse well with warm water. 

Yield: about 20 uses