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The Maybe-Baby Countdown - T Minus 4 Weeks

We're entering the last few weeks before the maybe-baby arrives.  I'm thinking we've got about four weeks to go, but...

I'm not exactly certain of her due date.

Because I'm not exactly certain when she was bred.

I know I was there.  I took her on the short walk to Rocky's pen, opened the door, put her in and watched as the deed was done (it didn't take long.)  I then returned her to her pen.

I just can't remember what date this romantic encounter took place.  Because I didn't write it down. 

I am horribly bad at record-keeping.  No, I take that back.  I'm actually very good at record-keeping.  I have binders for each of the animals, separated by tabs for each individual, charts for keeping track of vet visits, hoof trimmings, dewormings, and other necessary info. 

I'm just too darn busy doctoring, trimming, deworming, feeding, watering, training, cleaning, running the farm to record when I'm doing all this stuff.

I at least try to make a note of important things on my calender.  Which I'm sure I did.  But once March was over (it was March, wasn't it?), the page was torn away and recycled, taking the hastily jotted breeding day with it.

What I do remember is this -- her projected due date was very near the first day of school.  Which means, karma being as it is, it will be the first day of school.
That means between three to five weeks, we'll have a kid on the ground.  I'm cautiously optimistic and hoping for a girl.  I really want another doe so we can get a good rotation going for year-round milk.

Her belly doesn't look nearly as big as the last go round, which bodes well.  Bucklings are big, and they make their mama's belly big.  Does are smaller, so a smaller belly is a good sign.

Either way, I'm excited!

Four weeks and counting.

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