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Sacramento Is a Great Place to Be a Chicken

My old home of Sacramento ranks as one of the best urban places for raising backyard chickens (see the Sac Bee article.) How cool is that? 

They didn't allow chickens in the city while I lived there, but in recent years they've changed the laws.  Apparently backyard chicken raising has become quite popular there now.  I think that's awesome.

Lots of people may be surprised to learn that many cities allow you to raise chickens in your back yard, inside the city limits.  More and more cities are following suit.  I think that's awesome.

Chickens are easy to care for, inexpensive, and lay delicious fresh eggs.  Seriously, once you eat a fresh egg you'll never want to go back to the store-bought ones again.  My kids, who have basically been raised on fresh eggs, can easily taste the difference and won't eat store-bought eggs at all.

If you're thinking backyard chickens sound pretty appealing, call your city zoning department and ask what the laws are.  You might be pleasantly surprised! 

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