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What’s In a Name?

A lot.  Maybe that’s why I’m having such trouble naming the farm. 

This whole issue started when we brought home our first Nigerian dwarf buck.  I needed a farm name to transfer his papers.  It’s been two years, still no name and still no papers. 

I need those papers!  Especially with a maybe-baby on the way.

Besides, I’ve become enamored with the idea of giving our place a name.  Every farm needs a name!  It should be fun.

Except that I had an easier time choosing out names for my children.

My farm is like my baby, in a way.  It’s expensive.  It takes up most of my time and energy.  It generally smells like poop.  

And I love it like crazy.

So, obviously, the name has to be perfect.

Because the entire family really have put their blood, sweat, and tears into this place, I felt it only fair that they have naming rights too.  I had romantic notions that we’d all sit down, discuss, and in a flash of utter clarity someone would announce THE name, as if it were preordained by a higher power.  A celebration would ensue, followed by a farm naming ceremony complete with incense burning and bell ringing.  

(OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit.  But I seriously did have a farm naming ceremony all planned out. )

Surprisingly, they didn’t think this quite so important as I did.  In fact, they didn’t have many ideas, nor did they seem too keen on developing any.

So, I took to following them around as they went about their daily business, spewing out names and discussing the pros and cons of each.  I’ve seen that look in their eyes before.  It says,"My mother is a lunatic."

Undeterred, I forged ahead alone and started flirting with Flat Broke Farm.  I’m not ready to marry it yet, but I’m trying it on for size.

So what does my darling family think of my idea?

Child #1 – "I like it."

Child #2 – "I hate it."

Hubby – "Huh?  We’re naming the place?"

I’ll admit, I’ve become a bit obsessed about the whole name thing.  But this is important!  Not only will it be what we call our home (besides "the reason why I can’t rest on the weekend," of course) but the name will forever be attached to our goat’s future progeny.

When naming the goats that are birthed here, they’ll get the farm name as their "first" name, and then we choose the "last" name.  For example, if we name the next goat baby Nanny, her name will officially be Flat Broke Nanny.

It tickles me to think of lots of little Flat Broke goats running around the county.  I don’t know why.  It just makes me happy.  

But I get a little weird about goat names.  I also think it would be funny to have goats named Feed, Milk, and Eat.  As in "Feed the Goat," "Milk the Goat," (you get the picture.)

So, the farm is still nameless as of yet, but I guess you just can’t rush these things.  It will get the perfect name in due time, even if I have to buy off my family to do it.

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