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The Maybe-Baby

Hazel was covered (several times, much to Rocky’s delight) the early part of the year.  Then, we wait.
And every day, stare hard at the belly.  Is she or isn’t she? 

You know that awkward stage, when you’re not sure if that lady has a pregnant belly or a just-a-bit-bloated belly?  Goats apparently get that too.

Hazel's Maybe-Baby Belly

Hazel has that belly.  I’m calling it her maybe-baby.

The trouble is, goats are naturally a little rotund.  Lilly looks pregnant all the time.  But with her, I know it's just a hay-baby.

Lilly and her Food-Baby Belly

I’m nearly certain Hazel has a baby in there.  I know my goat’s belly.  It's rounder than normal.

Will know for sure in just a few more weeks.  But for now, I'm hopeful.

I need milk!  I need fresh mozzarella!  Feta!  Yogurt!

You'd better be in there, baby.  

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