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DIY Green Beauty for Beginners: 7 Easy All-Natural Recipes You Can Make Right Now
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Coffee Hand and Body Scrub

Here's a hand and body scrub that gives impressive results.  And you won't believe how easy it is to make!  I'm sure you have everything you need for this recipe in your kitchen right now.

It's one of my favorites because it smells so good and it works great.  You can use it as a body scrub for a super deep exfoliation.  Your skin will be incredibly smooth afterwards!

I also love to use it on my hands after I've been working out in the yard.  It does a great job of scrubbing off the grime and yuck.  And, because of the coffee, it's good for removing odors (like garlic and onion) from your hands too.

Coffee Hand and Body Scrub
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup ground coffee beans
3/4 cup sweet almond oil (my favorite, but you can substitute any oil that you have in the house.  Try olive, grapeseed, or even canola oil.)

Pour the sugar into a small bowl.  I'm using regular white table sugar, but you can use brown sugar or turbinado sugar too.  Anything goes!

Next, add in the ground coffee beans.  I really want this scrub to be super "scrubbie" so I've added 1/4 cup.  If your skin is more sensitive, you may want to use less.

Mix it in well.  Doesn't that look pretty?

Whoa!  What happened?  Don't worry if your scrub turns super dark like this as soon as you stir in your oil.  I kind of like the dark, rich brown (it is a coffee scrub after all) but if you'd like your scrub to be a bit lighter, add less coffee grounds. 

You're done!  Told you it was easy!  Put your scrub into a jar (it makes enough to just about fill a pint mason jar) and it's all ready for use.  It will last on your shelf for about 4 weeks. 

To use as a body scrub, massage over your skin in the shower and rinse.

To use as a hand scrub, rub briskly into the hands and rinse.  

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