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Canned Pork

A couple of friends and I got together last week to can 85 lbs. of pork.

Why?  It was a good price!  And I never let anything stand between me and inexpensive food.  That's why I'm planning to can some blueberries next week and glean the farmer's fields for tomatoes next month.

(Seriously, have you seen how much is left over on the ground after the tomato harvest?  And I have at least five tomato fields within walking distance from my house!  And if you get permission, the farmers will let you have all you want for free!)

I've canned tomatoes plenty before.  What I'd never canned before was meat.  Of any kind.  Honestly, it had never crossed my mind.

But one too many fast food dinners during the last two months, thanks to the kids' hectic activity schedules, and I was so ready for some quick and easy dinner ideas.

And, as they say, when the student is ready a teacher appears.  A friend called and asked if I'd like to go three-sies on a gargantuan order of pork.

So I did.  And we canned it.

I'll concede it doesn't look too appetizing in the jar.  In fact, one of my children flat out refused to eat it.  Luckily I can sneak it into a pan when no one is looking and everything is A-OK.

It's fully cooked in the jar, so it just requires reheating.  I can shred it, put it into a tortilla with some cheese, smoother it in salsa (canned last summer with the tomatillos and tomatoes from the garden) and make some quick enchiladas.  I'm also planning on warming it in some BBQ sauce for pork sandwiches.

It's not Michelin Star worthy or anything, but it's good.  And anything that makes it easier to put dinner on the table is fabulous in my book.  

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