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Easy Hot Oil Hair Treatment

My hair has been feeling super out of control lately. A little dry, lots frizzy, and just kind of blah. So a hot oil treatment was definitely needed.

I can't really compare this to store-bought hot oil treatments, because I never used a store-bought version (I could never bring myself to spend that much money on one.) Besides, the home-made version works marvelously, smells great, and costs so much less. I love it so much I never had the desire to use anything else.

And, there is actually real science behind the oils in this recipe. Both olive oil and coconut oil can be absorbed by the hair, unlike other oils, all the way down to the cuticle. Using them regularly can help strengthen the hair, reduce breakage, and generally make your hair shiny and healthy looking.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

1/4 cup coconut oil

2 tablespoons olive oil

Optional: 5 drops lavender essential oil (smells nice, but I think the coconut oil smells really good on its own too)

Put the coconut oil and olive oil in a small bowl. Either microwave carefully or heat in a small double boiler until just warm. (Be careful -- don't let it get too hot.)

Apply to your hair all the way down to the ends. Wrap hair in a towel, one you won't mind getting stained, or pin your hair up. Let set for 30 minutes up to a few hours, depending on what your hair needs. Wash out when you're done.

If you have really long hair, you might want to double this recipe. Or, if you have any left-overs, you can store it in a covered container until next time.


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