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Easy Handmade Christmas Gifts

Christmas is sneaking up on me this year.  Maybe it's been the beautiful weather, more spring-like than December.  But I need to get going on that Christmas list!

My list always includes some handmade items.  I LOVE making handmade gifts for my friends and family (I hope they like getting them.)

Here are some of my favorite bath and body products to make as gifts.  They're super simple, you can make up a big batch, they don't cost an arm and a leg, and you can easily personalize them for everyone on your list.     

Let It Snow Bath Salts
Peppermint-scented, beautifully rustic looking, and just too easy to make!  You can mix up a large batch, jar them and have them ready for gift-giving in less than 30 minutes.

Super Citrus Bath Salts
Layers of colored bath salts are also impressive. This recipe calls for citrus essential oils, but you can easily substitute whatever fragrance and colors speak to you.

Warm Amber Bath Oil
Rich, warm, and perfect for winter baths.

Lavender Dream Sachets
I love to add a few of these into any gift basket. They take only seconds to make and smell great.

Sweet Honey Lip Balm
Everyone loves this lip balm.

Simple Sugar Scrub
 Sugar scrubs are inexpensive and easy to make. Try this basic recipe, then tweak it to make something really special. Brown or turbinado sugar, perhaps? Specialty oils? Add some fragrance oils and you're done.

Black Raspberry Walnut Sugar Scrub
Here's a scrub I already "fancied up" for you.

Melt and Pour Soap Basics
Want to try your hand at making soap? You can get enough bars done in one afternoon for everyone on your list.

Vanilla Chai Soap
One of my favorite soaps ever.

I love to make up several products, place them in a pretty basket (from the local dollar store), and tie it up with cellophane or tulle and a bow.  Super cute.

Have fun and happy mixing!


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