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Black Raspberry Walnut Sugar Scrub

Some of my favorite handmade skin care products to make are sugar scrubs, because they are so easy and still seem impressive when you give them as gifts (or just use them yourself.)

This one is super rich, thanks to the walnut oil.  But walnut oil doesn't have a super long shelf life, so if you use it make sure to only make up small batches that you can use within a few weeks.  You can also substitute sweet almond oil and it will last longer on the shelf.

Black Raspberry Walnut Sugar Scrub
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup walnut oil
1 tablespoon black raspberry seeds
1/4-1/2 teaspoon black raspberry fragrance oil (optional)

In a small bowl, mix together sugar, oil, and black raspberry seeds until well blended.  Add fragrance oil until you get the scent you like.  Store in a container with a lid.

To use: massage over the skin and rinse well.

Yield: about 4 treatments