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The Story of Milk

The 7th of September came and went. This was significant because this was the day (or thereabouts) that our little Nigerian dwarf doe, Hazel, was due to give birth. If she were pregnant. Which apparently she was not.


Hazel was put into the buck pen with Rocky this afternoon. This will be her "home" for the next week to 10 days. She is due to go into heat this weekend and I am taking no chances. If all goes as planned, we will have a spring baby.

IF all goes as planned. As of this evening, Hazel was standing with her rump pressed into the corner of the fence while Rocky just stood and flapped his tongue at her. She was having no part of it. Rocky eventually gave up and went to lay under his favorite tree.

It's early still. I'm hoping by this weekend she'll change her tune.

Because I want milk. I want cheese. And yogurt. The goats are lovely little creatures but I need them to start earning their hay a little bit.

Since I've had milk on the mind the past few weeks, this piece from Mother Earth News caught my eye. You seriously must read it, even if you're not all that into expressing your own milk from a creature's teats.

It's the Story of Milk, and basically gives a history of how we came to use it as we do. And what's really going on with the milk we buy at the grocery store. It was definitely an eye-opener for me, and I consider myself to be fairly up on this type of stuff.

Check it out here: The Story of Milk on Mother Earth and then let me know what you think!

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