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It's County Fair Time!

Every year, my kids always enter art projects in the California State Fair.  We started this tradition years ago, when we lived just minutes away from the state fairgrounds.  (Just to brag a bit -- this year each kid won several honorable mention ribbons, and each won 1st place in their division for photography.)

This is our very first year, though, entering our county fair.  Besides being waaaaay less expensive to enter (50 cents per entry in comparison to $8 per entry for the state fair) our county fair has many more options.  They're entering handmade soap, pencil drawings, painting, homemade bread, handmade jewelry and my daughter, the writer, is entering 2 original poems.

So, we dropped off the entries today at the fairgrounds.  The old building that was housing the youth exhibits was filled with fabulous stuff.  Beautiful quilts, canned peaches, strawberry preserves, ceramic and sewing projects.  It was exciting to see.  Who knew that so many of our youth were interested (and apparently talented) in some of the more rustic and old-timey activities.

I can't wait for the fair!


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