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Growing Potatoes

I've never grown potatoes before.  I've toyed with the idea every year, but always decide against it.  Potatoes would take up lots of precious space in the garden that could be used for growing more expensive vegetables.  I can buy potatoes at the store for cheap.

But I just found this article, Grow Your Own No-Space Potatoes, on the Mother Earth News website (one of my favorites, you should check it out.)  Basically, you grow the potatoes in a trash can, or other container.

Heck, I could do that!  I've got plenty of old rubber trash cans sitting around, not doing much of anything.  And they can be stashed away in a sunny part of the yard, leaving the raised beds in the garden free for beets and peppers and basil.

My copy of the California Master Gardener Handbook says sweet potatoes can go in the ground in June, so I'll be getting those ready first.  I'll have to wait until August to get in the white potatoes.

I'm excited.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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