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Summer Blossom Facial Oil

Facial oils are used in place of a typical moisturizer or cream.  Sometimes called serums, facial oils are super simples to make.  And, since they contain no water, you don't have the worry of quick spoilage.

Even oily skin types can benefit from this facial oil.  This blend of oils is especially light and fast absorbing, and won't clog your pores.   

The essential oil blend of geranium and lavender help stimulate cell growth and regeneration, and regulate skin's barrier functions.  Plus, it just smells great!  (You may omit, though, if your skin is especially sensitive.)

Summer Blossom Facial Oil
    2 teaspoons grapeseed oil
    1 teaspoon evening primrose oil
    1 teaspoon apricot oil
    3 drops lavender essential oil
    2 drops geranium essential oil

In a small container, gently mix all oils.  Add essential oils.  Store in a covered container.

To use, smooth several drops over damp face and neck.

Yield: 1.5 ounces


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