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The Peeps: 5 Weeks Old

The chicks are now 5 weeks old.  They've nearly outgrown the brooder, although it's at least 3 more weeks until they can live outside.

Now that the weather has warmed, we've taken them on a few forays out into the yard, under supervision.  There are just so many feral cats around, and the chicks are still relatively small, I don't want to take any chances. 

 But they love being outside!

At just about a month old, they are now looking much more like full-grown chickens, although they are only about 1/5 of their size.

They have most of their "big girl" feathers in, with just a few tiny puffs of leftover down.  We can see what they will look like as adults, which seems to be various shades of brown and black.   

Barcelona still looks rather rooster-like.

My favorite is Sedona.  She's the friendliest, and seems to enjoy being around people.  


 Years ago, we had a chicken named Little Black who thought she was people.  Every morning, when we let the chickens out of the coop, she would saunter across the yard, jump no less than three fences, to the patio off the kitchen.  

She'd join us for breakfast on the patio.  The kids would feed her Golden Puffs (her favorite).  

The rest of the day, Little Black would hang around the perimeter of the house, calling to us through open windows.  Or else she'd scratch around the lawn in the front yard where we could watch her through the big picture window (and she, presumably, could watch us.)

All our chickens are friendly and seem to like us, but Little Black was the only bird we ever had that seemed to actually seek out our company.  I always liked her for that.

I see some of the same personality traits in Sedona.  She how she looks right at the camera when getting her picture taken?  Here's another:

In this picture, you can see just how green her little legs are.  We've discovered that, for Easter-Eggers at least, the color of their legs correlates with the color eggs they lay.

Sedona should lay green eggs.  London's legs are fairly dark, but it looks like she'll be laying greenish-blue eggs.  Barcelona should lay green eggs too, provided she is not actually a rooster.  

We should have eggs from them by September!

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