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Green Clay & Tomato Mask

For those of you who are looking for powerful exfoliation, this exfoliant cream is for you!  The acid from the tomato loosens dead skin cells while green clay removes excess oils from the skin.

This treatment is best for those with combination to oily skin.  It's definitely not for sensitive skin types!  If you have dry or sensitive skin, try the Apple-Apricot Exfoliant instead.

Green Clay & Tomato Mask 
2 teaspoons French green clay
1 teaspoon sour cream
1 tablespoon diced tomato, peeled and seeded

In a small bowl, blend together clay and sour cream until well incorporated.  Gently stir in tomato.

To use:  Massage onto cleansed face and neck.  Let set for three to five minutes, monitoring skin for redness.  Rinse well with warm water. 

Yield:  1 treatment

This treatment does not store well, so mix fresh for each application.