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Carcinogens in Baby Products, Only the Tip of The Iceburg I Think

We live in a toxic world, there's no doubt.  I try my best to limit my family's exposure to chemicals.  We grow as much of our own food as we can.  The food we buy is as unprocessed as possible.  I stopped using my once-favorite product, Febreeze, because I was concerned about chemicals in my home.  Usually, I feel pretty good about what we're doing to live a healthy lifestyle.

But then I come across articles like this one on the New York Times website, and I worry.  A lot.  If you haven't seen it, the article is about carginogenic chemicals found in baby products. 

Kind of crazy, isn't it?

How much can we really limit our exposure to chemicals?  Not as much as I would like, apparently.  I've argued for years that out current laws do more to protect the manufacturers than consumers.

There are no easy answers, unfortunately.  All I can do is continue to "go green" wherever possible and hope I'm teaching my kids to do the same after they leave this feathered little nest of mine.


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