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Babies' First (Dirt) Bath

Chickens love to bathe in the dirt.  It must be innate because, although our babies have never so much as set eyes on an adult chicken (yet), they immediately plopped themselves down in a small cache of dirt for a good old fashioned scrubbing.

Dust and feathers flew.  They really enjoyed themselves.  Until I came along with a camera.

Stop and stare.

Like a lanky teenager, the chicks are at that awkward, in-between stage.  Too large for the brooder, too small to live out-of-doors.

We've made up for it by constructing a little cage for them outside.  It sits in the breezeway between the back door and the garage, close enough to a window where I can hear if they need rescuing from a stray cat or overzealous jay.

It's nice to hear them, peeping away happily, throughout the day.  It's also nice to get their smelly rear ends out of the house for a while.  Every morning I pray someone won't drop by, forcing me to invite them in and try to explain why my home smells like chicken crap.  Ahhh, lovely.

Two more weeks, babies.  Two more weeks.

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