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The Realistic Farm Tour -- Classes Start Now!

Curious about what it takes to run a real homestead?  In love with the romantic notion of "going back to the land?"  I was too.

I had sun-drenched dreams of shelling peas on the front porch while watching my children play in the yard... showing my daughter how to sew a gingham apron...  fresh bread baking every day and preserves put up for the year.  That's what farm living meant to me.

I haven't done any of these things yet.  Why?  I'm  too busy running the damned farm!

Get a realistic view of farm life from this fabulous tongue-in-cheek piece The Realistic Farm Tour written by Sharon Astyk from Casaubon's Book.  I laughed until I nearly peed, then printed out a copy and pinned it to my bulletin board.  I know I'll read it whenever I feel discouraged (which is quite often.)

Still, I can't imagine living any other way.  The homestead has become a part of me.  Besides, what would I do with all that extra time?


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