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A Little Less Lilly

Twelve hours and an insane (completely insane) amount of money later, Lilly is home tonight, resting peacefully in a crate in the tack room.  She came through surgery very well, according to the vet.

She looks good, too, considering she's now a bit lighter than she was this morning.  The abscess was more invasive than we realized, and the doctors were forced to remove her mammary gland and one teat.

Because of how they had to suture the surgical site, her only remaining teat is now centered on her belly.  She looks, to quote the vet, "rather like a boy."  Seriously, it's just a mite strange.  I'll post some photos of her new, streamlined udder in the next day or so.

I'd love to say that the worst is over, that we're celebrating Lilly's road to recovery, but the truth is her prognosis is far from certain.  She may re-abscess, she could succumb to infection.  Her immune system is weakened I'm sure after the months of illness.  Only time will tell. 

But my daughter believes Lilly will be okay, with a certainty only the young can have.  She's been praying fervently for her.  I'm humbled by her faith.  And she may be right.  Someone told me today that God works his miracles in the eleventh-hour, 59th-minute, 59th-second.  If anyone is there, it's Lilly.  She needs this miracle, and my little girl does too.

So, we'll accept the illogic of spending so much money on a little goat.  We'll accept the fact that she'll never be the milker we had hoped for.  We'll accept that she'll have one teat hanging strangely in the middle of her belly for the rest of her life.  We just hope that life is a long one.  

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