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Life, Moving On

Life has a way doing this, doesn't it? The sun keeps rising, the days keep going by, even when you're so overwhelmed that you don't notice it happening. Thank goodness for that. Life knows what you need, even when you don't. And I needed some new days and some good news.

Thankfully, I got it. The little red hen that was so ill two weekends ago is now happily pecking and scratching alongside her flock again. We realized a bunch of seeds had become lodged in her crop. A week of probiotics and easily digestible foods cleared her up nicely.

As for Lilly, I am cautiously optimistic. I did meet with my "essential oil expert" Tuesday night. She was fabulous to meet with me at such short notice and even took the time to gather a bunch of helpful information for me as well.

Maybe even more helpful, she listened as I recited the entire story of Lilly's illness and didn't think I was nuts for carrying on so much for a goat. Like I said, she's a fabulous person.

My son and I have been wrestling with Lilly twice daily, flushing the udder abscess with tea tree oil. I added a bit of sea salt to the mix too. (This is the same mixture I successfully used several years ago to treat a chicken whose wing had nearly been torn completely off by a dog attack. Chicken Jane even has use of that wing today, although it hangs just a bit funny.)

But back to Lilly...

The abscess is still draining pus BUT Lilly is eating well and seems to be acting more herself. Every day she's with us, and happy to be, is a small miracle. We'll take what we can get.

And we've also have new additions to our homestead -- chicks! A nice distraction. I promise to post pics. They're too cute not to!

So, life is moving on, taking me from the craziness of the last few weeks to a place where I can breathe again. For that, I am thankful.

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