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Happy 2 Week Birthday, Chicks

What a difference two weeks makes!  Our little chicks are growing like crazy.  At three days old, they could all fit in the palm of my hand at once.  Here they are two days ago, at 12 days old:

They are now starting to get real feathers and they now have little tails.  Sedona and London are starting to look more alike.  We have a debate going as to whether Barcelona is actually a rooster.    

The brooder is still in our living room, although the weather has warmed considerably since bringing them home and the woodstove hasn't been fired in several days.  We discovered we like having them there!

The other chickens are going to be jealous.  They were brooded in the homeschool room.  But having these little girls out in the living room where we can watch them jump around, scratch through their food, and generally be silly is fun. 

Once they get a bit bigger, and start smelling offensively, we we'll move them into the homeschool room thereby corralling most of their stink until they are old enough (at 60 days) to be moved outside with the big girls.  

Today we were able to knock the temperature in the brooder down from 90 degrees to 85.  We will continue to decrease the temp by 5 degrees each week until they are old enough to stay warm on their own.  

How time flies!  My little babies are growing up!  It seems like only two weeks ago they were little balls of downy fuzz...  wait, that WAS just two weeks ago and I have the video to prove it: 



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