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The Festival of Soap

Last Wednesday, I taught a soap-making class at Chabot College.  I hadn't made soap for a while.  Laying out all the herbs and oils, mixing the soap and watching it thicken, pouring the creamy mixture into the molds, I was reminded of how much I love it.

I often get asked why I don't sell the products I teach others to make.  Actually, I used to.  But with the homesteading and homeschooling, teaching and writing, something had to give.  I stopped selling my products several years ago. 

Today, the family headed out to the Asparagus Festival.  As we munched deep-fried asparagus (delicious!  Try this recipe from About.com for authentic Stockton Asparagus Festival asparagus) and wandered among the crafters' booths, I came across a tent selling homemade soap.

Of course I had to enter, to smell and admire each bar.  And as I watched the soap-crafter lay her wares lovingly in the baskets and chat with the customers, I wished that I could be her.  Is it time to start selling soaps again?

My horses are getting fat from lack of exercise.  I always just make my writing deadlines by the skin of my teeth.  My daughter is expressing interest in starting Pony Club, with the nearest club being an hour drive from our house.  Do I even have the time needed to devote myself to making products again?  Probably not.  But the pull is getting stronger.  I miss it.

For those of you who have never made soap before, you don't know what you're missing!  If you're at all crafty, you'll love it.  And it's a useful sort of thing to do.  Who doesn't need soap?

I know you all are dying to try your hand at soaping now.  For a super-simple start, try the melt and pour soap method.  Just go to your craft store, buy a melt and pour soap base, melt it in a small pot, add herbs, colors, essential oils, etc., pour into a mold, cool, and TA DA!  You have soap.

For those of you who are ready to go whole hog and make soap from scratch, this video from Soap Queen TV walks you through the process.  

Try it!  You may find a new obsession (don't say I didn't warn you.) 


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