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Day 338: Summer Disappointments

Is it just me, or has this summer been cooler than our typical blazing valley summertime? I think it's been this fact that has caused my garden to just barely be worth the time I've put into it.

The tomatoes are tiny, just the size of ping pong balls. We've yet to harvest corn or cukes, and the watermelons and okra never sprouted at all.

Even the zucchini let me down this year. Usually, by mid-August, we're so overrun with squash that we're secretly leaving them on the doorsteps of friends and neighbors. So far this summer I've harvested a grand total of four zucchini.

I can't really figure out where we went wrong, considering I've always had a booming summer garden. This year, it's been such a disappointment. Because I have no other recourse, I blame the weather.

Today was especially, unseasonably, cold. We were wearing sweatshirts for morning chores and again during nightly feeding and bed check.

It got me excited for fall, with dreams of apple-picking and home-made hot chocolate. And the time to rip out that disappointing summer garden.

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