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Day 289: A Novel Use for Yucky Wine

Someone gave us a bottle of wine for Christmas last year. It was a lovely gift, a lovely thought. A huge bottle.

I tend to like wine. I didn't like this particular wine so this massive bottle has been sitting in the refrigerator with barely half a glass gone from it. I couldn't bear to dump it, but couldn't bear to drink it either.

So the bottle sat and sat, until I hit upon my brainstorm. Didn't upscale salons charge big bucks for wine facials and such? So I mixed a bit in with some rose clay, kaolin clay, oats and rosehips. It made for a beautiful mask, and worked fabulously!

Wine contains tartaric acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that is commonly used in the skin care industry. It softens, smoothes, and removes dead skin cells. Red wine also is super high in antioxidants (anti-aging treatments anyone?)

I now love, love, love using wine to hydrate any handmade mask I whip up. You could try it with any handmade mask; just use in place of the water.

And, when I'm feeling lazy, I just splash a bit of this wine on a cotton ball and use it as a toner just before bed. It's only been a week and I swear my skin is looking more refined.

I think after I'm done with this bottle I'm going to buy some cheapy wine to use specifically for my skin. Or maybe I'll just ask for another bottle of this yucky stuff for Christmas this year.


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